[wp-hackers] Removing edit theme files features (Bryan Gentry)

Bryan Gentry bryangentry at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 02:30:24 UTC 2013

I believe it is important to keep the theme editor available for a couple
of reasons.

1) As a developer, I use the built-in editor occasionally. Sometimes a
change must be made when I don't have my own computer available to me.
Sometimes I need to make just a minor tweak and don't want to drag out
another program just to make the small change. There are numerous other
examples of situations in which it is convenient to have this available.

2) Not every client breaks things, not every time they make an edit

If a developer wants to disable the editor for a particular site, it is
good that he or she has that option. But I think it's important that the
option to have it turned on remains. (In fact, I would rather see this
feature improved than removed.)


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