[wp-hackers] WordPress plugins SVN server malfunctioning?

Justas Butkus jbutkus at time.ly
Tue Jan 15 20:20:53 UTC 2013

On 2013.01.15 22:09, Otto wrote:
> Look, use whatever works for you. No problem. I use various
> environments for various projects, and I change between them
> frequently.
> But at the same time, don't say that other people are doing-it-wrong
> when they use whatever works for them. All I said was that you don't
> need version control to "get work done". Emphasis was intended to be
> placed on "need" in that sentence. I personally don't need version
> control to write code. Maybe you do.
> Hell, sometimes I write code in a Putty shell window using vim on a
> remote server without even the benefit of syntax highlighting. Why?
> Because I don't always need all those bells and whistles all the time.
> Works fine for me.
I must say sorry.
Because it seems, like this one goes a toad too far.

My intention was not to criticize *your* approach.
I was merely suggesting to not put a high accent on not needing a 
version control.
For whatever that matters - I use plain vim (through a shell window on 
my phone) at times, without no much trouble.
Just that I would not go and suggest that as a solution.

But as I said - pardon me.
I had no harmful intentions - I prefer to avoid going around, and 
telling others what to do/use and whatnot. Just one of the reasons for 
that is that I use an editor I heard often criticized as "not-an-IDE", 
and was being "advised" to change to "the-IDE".

Justas B.

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