[wp-hackers] Wordpress uploader bug, and question

Luke Bryan lukebryan at sharefaith.com
Sat Jan 5 03:20:47 UTC 2013


I recently found an exception in Wordpress 3.5's new uploader javascript:
Edit a gallery in a post, and after clicking update, it gives an
exception: TypeError: router is null

I saw a bug on trac about "Router is null" exception, though it is
marked fixed. Is this the same bug, or should this be reported as a
new problem?
I think this might have been part of a problem I was having earlier
with catching some events and modifying parts of an upload-form.

I was also curious whether or not there are any plans for adding a
filter/hook for function wp_ajax_query_attachments() in
ajax-actions.php, for adding images/items to the ajax response used by
the uploader? Or is there a javascript/backbone hook for this type of

Best regards, and happy new year,

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