[wp-hackers] Micro optimization - is_a() vs instanceof

Justas Butkus jbutkus at time.ly
Fri Jan 4 18:59:52 UTC 2013

On 2013.01.04 20:55, Jeff Morris wrote:
> Er.. I did it manually. Over lunch. To avoid the 'error-prone way'. 

Searched for it, or replaced all the occurrences? I thought you just 
found out the number of occurrences, not done the whole conversion 
(is_a() to instanceof).

Anyway - that was more of a sharing, about solution to many "it would 
take ages to replace, let's leave it, until it sorts itself out".

And that might be due to the case, that I am into multiple separate 
tools, than one single IDE, that might do everything for me, BUT I AM 
NOT STARTING an editor-of-choice flame here. :-)

Justas B.

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