[wp-hackers] help understanding wp_remote_get function and fatal WP_Error

Andrew Nacin wp at andrewnacin.com
Tue Feb 26 02:42:48 UTC 2013

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 9:30 PM, Dion Hulse (dd32) <wordpress at dd32.id.au>wrote:

> Firstly, you should have some kind of caching on that, wp_remote_get()
> will not cache the data and will fetch it every time you call it.
> Next, you should check the return from the function.
> It can return a WP_Error instance if an error occurs, you can check
> for that with the is_wp_error() function, so:

And also, there are helper functions for this.


If there is a failure and the response is a WP_Error, then these functions
return a zero-length string. Helpful when anything other than a 200 should
be considered an error.


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