[wp-hackers] Child plugins (add-ons) (Dino Termini)

David Anderson david at wordshell.net
Sat Feb 16 21:31:59 UTC 2013

> Thats seems weird to me. I have the same plan for a plugin and I'm 
> writing the add-ons right now. I don't need to touch the free plugin 
> on WordPress.org since it has the right filters already.
> When you need to change the main plugin to enable paid extensions then 
> your main plugin is wrong coded. In your case you don't even need to 
> manipulate the main plugin.
I think you must have misunderstood me; my main plugin also accesses my 
add-ons' functionality via filters and equivalents.

The intricateness of the scheme is not for that; it's to allow users to 
receive their add-ons via the normal WordPress updating mechanism, to do 
so without breaching wordpress.org rules on remote code, to allow them 
to only install an additional plugin *once* (not once for every new 
add-on they buy), and finally to also have a dashboard display of what 
addons they have and have not purchased, thus indicating to them 
potential future purchases. Put those four requirements together, and I 
think you'll end up with the basic scheme I came up with. If you're not 
concerned to have all of those features, then you could simplify the scheme.


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