[wp-hackers] Google Content Experiments & wp

David Ernst david at ernsts.us
Wed Aug 28 16:23:30 UTC 2013

Thanks for the speedy response, Dobri!

My cursory review of the plugin suggested it only worked for variations to
pages / posts. Which is all fine and good for most needs! It's just that in
this specific case I'm looking to test variations of site-wide elements.
I'll be more specific about the scope if that paints a clearer picture:

This e-commerce site I'm working on is considering adding a live-chat
module. I'm in favor of it, personally. But other parties are hesitant...
Being an early-stage startup with too much to do and not enough manpower,
there are concerns that it will tie up too many resources to keep an
operator on our end. So I suggested we run a Content Experiment on just
small percentage of visitors, keeping it limited at first, to explicitly
measure conversion shifts. That way we can put a specific dollar value on
this single module, independent of other circumstances like changes in
marketing efforts, site-content, etc. This module would probably load from

So thank you for the suggestion to investigate Analytics' cookies!  :-)  I
suspect that might work better than using URLs variations-- I was thinking
of passing GET parameters, but saw some issues.

Much appreciated,


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