[wp-hackers] Organizing my theme's functions.php file

Frank Bueltge frank at bueltge.de
Fri Aug 16 06:41:53 UTC 2013

Maybe the thread on WPSE is helpful

On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 8:37 AM, Micky Hulse <mickyhulse.lists at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Brad! Thanks so much for you help/reply, I really appreciate it. :)
> On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 4:53 PM, Brad Parbs <brad at bradparbs.com> wrote:
> > One thing quite a few people do is create a folder `inc/` and put
> different
> > files there, like `scripts.php` that contains script functionality,
> > `customizer.php` that holds all the theme customizations stuff, etc. Then
> > just include those files in your functions.php.
> > You could also move a lot of your functions to a theme-specific plugin or
> > multiple plugins, keeping it pretty organized there.
> Awesome, thanks for tips! :)
> There are some instances where I've moved what would normally be
> multiple related functions in `functions.php` into PHP/OOP classes and
> suck them into my theme via an `include_once()`. I try to do this for
> the bigger chunks of related code, but not usually for the smaller
> functions or chunks of code.
> Anyway, thanks for listing a few of the alternatives to having
> everything in one file, I appreciate the tips. :)
> > If you're using prefixed functions `foo_bar_theme_setup(){}`, and that
> > prefix is very unique, you don't have to worry about the function_exists,
> > unless you plan to override it later. I prefer wrapping every function in
> > that, so you can always override them easy later.
> Good to know! Thank you for the clarification.
> Although, I have to say I'm a little confused ... Looking at:
> <
> https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress/blob/master/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen/functions.php
> >
> There's not much use of `function_exists()` in WordPress' latest theme.
> Not only that, it appears as though most of the `add_action()`'s are
> next to their functions, vs. living in the `after_setup_theme`
> function. Unless I'm mistaken (I probably am), Justin's article kinda
> makes it sound like all function hooks (hook's functions?) should live
> in the theme setup function.
> So, what's the rule of thumb for when to put stuff inside
> `after_setup_theme`?
> Heck, I'm probably thinking too hard (or, not hard enough) about all this.
> My gut is telling me to follow the lead of twentyfoureen (i.e. no
> `function_exists()` checks and keep hooks next to their custom
> functions vs. move all hooks into `after_setup_theme`).
> OTOH, like you say, it can't hurt to use `function_exists()` around
> everything.
> Sorry if I'm rambling.
> > Moving all of the hooks into a function is a good way to go, as well.
> So many options!
> Have you built a theme, or do you know of a theme, that has the
> perfect setup (in your opinion) for a `functions.php`? I think I need
> to see some good/contemporary examples.
> My main concern is that I build the most optimal setup for when it
> comes to allowing child themes to override my parent theme's functions
> (and yes, this is my first child theme setup, so I'll probably sound
> less like a noob once I've had some time to experiment). :D
> Thanks again Brad! Much appreciated.
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