[wp-hackers] Regional Author Groups and Permission

David Churchill davinian at mac.com
Sun Aug 11 12:55:33 UTC 2013

Hi Jonathan, thanks, will take a closer look at your suggestions.


On 9 Aug 2013, at 15:55, Jonathan Brinley wrote:

> Hi, David,
> For your purposes, I would definitely discourage using multi-site (see
> http://wordpress.tv/2013/08/01/mika-epstein-dont-use-wordpress-multisite/for
> many reasons why). But you'll definitely need to write some code to
> make all this happen with Events Calendar Pro.
> Here's how I would probably go about it:
> 1. Have a way to assign users to groups (one of the groups plugins you've
> tried probably does this reasonably well). You don't really need this to
> manage permissions, jut manage the assignment of users to groups.
> 2. To prevent users from editing events from other groups: Write some code
> that hooks into 'user_has_cap'. If the current user isn't in the same group
> as the author of the event, remove caps like 'edit_tribe_event',
> 'delete_tribe_event', etc.
> 3. To only show events for the current user's group: Add in a
> 'pre_get_posts' filter in the admin. You'll get a list of users in the
> current user's group, and add their IDs to the 'author' query var.
> Have a nice day,
> Jonathan
> On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 6:17 AM, David Churchill <davinian at mac.com> wrote:
>> Hi, I need some advice on the best way to approach building an
>> event/booking website with multi author support.
>> The idea is one website listing lots of regional events. Users can
>> geo-search events based on name, town, city and zip/post code with a
>> distance radius in miles (5,10,25 etc). Then book the event online via
>> PayPal and other payment gateways.
>> I have all of this working using Events Calendar Pro (Modern Tribe), Geo
>> my WP (free plugin) for the geo-search, WooCommerce and WooTickets for the
>> booking/tickets/payments.
>> What I am struggling with is how best to setup regional authors. I would
>> ideally like to create regional groups with a main coordinator and a number
>> of event publishers under the each region.
>> Each publisher will be able to create/publish edit/delete their own
>> events, but not any other publishers (ideally other publishers events need
>> to be hidden in the backend). The coordinators will be able to
>> create/publish and edit/delete their own events and those belonging to the
>> publishers in the same group (so see all events by all publishers in the
>> same regional group). They will be able to publish events on behalf of the
>> publishers, so will need to be able to select the author in the Author
>> drop-down list. There will be a number of regional groups and all the
>> events in each group will need to be hidden from the other groups. Hope
>> this is making sense?
>> I have looked at a number of group based plugins, but they all appear to
>> work by setting the permissions on a per event (post) based system which
>> will not work as it will rely on publishers setting this very time.
>> I have also looked at a network/mu install of WordPress and think this is
>> probably the best approach, but Events Calendar Pro currently doesn't
>> support sharing the events back to the main network site — ideally all mu
>> sites will only be used for adding content and not visible by the end user.
>> There is another event plugin called Events Organiser Pro which does
>> support mu integration and saves all events in the main network sites db
>> but doesn't support WooCommerce.
>> Another possible idea would be to create front-end templates for
>> publishers so that they can add/edit and view their own events.
>> So (apologies for long-winded question), but does anybody have any
>> recommendations or suggestions for managing groups and users where their
>> content is ring-fenced/hidden from other groups/users. I'm happy to hack
>> code if this is something that could be done in code.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> David
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