[wp-hackers] store all revisions of user metadata in wordpress - possible?

Jamie Currie jamie at wunderdojo.com
Fri Aug 9 22:00:32 UTC 2013

Interesting approach, wouldn't have thought to do it that way. Wouldn't 
it make it challenging to do any kind of searching / filtering on the 
metadata though?

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wordpress - possible?
>Try storing all meta data for that user in a serialized array -- add 
>entries indexed by meta key & timestamp whenever something changes, 
>then query the history array to display change history for all or one 
>Make sure you avoid recursion and don't track the history of the 
>history meta data (or store it in an option with the user_id in the key 
>Nick Ciske
>On Aug 9, 2013, at 4:19 PM, Gregory Lancaster wrote:
>>  i spend the last seven hours trying to find a to store all revisions 
>>  *user* metadata. the idea is to allow a user to submit an update via 
>>  and maintain a historical record of all previous updates on a 
>>  page.
>>  i have tried auto incrementing the meta_key and meta_id without 
>>success, as
>>  well as several other strange variations in functions.php. is it 
>>  to keep a historical record in this way, and display it visually 
>>along with
>>  the date each was submitted?
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