[wp-hackers] Filter for wp_user_dropdown()?

Rindy Portfolio almerindo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 02:45:20 UTC 2013


On our Author dropdowns, when editing a post, we are not seeing all the
users that have capabilities to post. This is related to
wp_dropdown_users(), and I was wondering if the patch submitted here might
be considered again:

We use custom post types for events, and we have custom roles created for
who gets to create events on our community site. We have imported many
events from the previous site while building the new one, and all events
were assigned to a single admin user during the import. We have also
imported the users and assigned them roles, and now we are trying to assign
events to their proper owners.

However, when editing the event the Author metabox dropdown only lists
standard WP roles with edit privileges. Our custom roles, though they have
the proper capabilities, do not appear on the list.

These users can post events themselves. But admins cannot assign an event
to other users except for Editors and Admins.

What is a best-practice solution in the absence of a filter? On that
ticket, Nacin wrote "I would unregister the meta box and re-register it
with your own wp_dropdown_users() call." - Is that the best way to go here?

Many thanks,

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