[wp-hackers] Exemplary code for web single sign-on plugin

Robert Lowe robertmlowe at rmlowe.com
Thu Aug 1 06:47:32 UTC 2013

> Robert Lowe wrote:
> > Can anyone point me to code that they would consider exemplary for
> > implementing web single sign-on in a plugin?
> Depending on what exactly you want, Keyring is probably a good start:
> http://wordpress.org/plugins/keyring/
> You may even be able to write your own service definition for it and
> avoid reinventing the whole wheel.

Thanks Ryan.

I don't think Keyring is exactly what I'm looking for however.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but it looks like Keyring associates OAuth
credentials from other sites with WordPress user accounts, and makes those
available for authenticated API calls to those sites, but doesn't perform
single sign-on as such.

What I'm looking to do is replace the standard WordPress login with login
via an external site, and it doesn't look as if Keyring does that.

Best regards,

Robert Lowe

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