[wp-hackers] WordPress Maturity (was)Re: hate

SCOTT TAYLOR scott.c.taylor at mac.com
Tue Apr 30 17:06:25 UTC 2013

I really, really dislike when people use the "wp-hackers" mailing list to complain about WordPress but offer no solutions for fixing it. Here's why:

"WordPress doesn't do X, so it sucks"

WordPress is a toolbox, if it doesn't have the kind of hammer you want: go get a new hammer, but you don't have to throw out the toolbox. This is a problem with people being WP developers, then PHP developers, and not the other way around. WP is just a bunch of PHP code. PHP developers can code around its weaknesses while getting the benefit of everything else that comes for free with the framework.

"I haven't figured out how to do X, so WP sucks"

I think there are many scenarios where the developer is the problem, not WP. If you are running a website at scale and you don't know how to handle deployments and migrations and DB migrations, maybe you aren't the right person for the job. Or maybe you need to learn how to do those things, learn more WP internals, and learn how to solve problems. Try the Support forums. I know many people who can do those things, they aren't impossible, and in most cases, aren't even difficult, just takes some elbow grease to learn how.

"There is a bug in WP, you guys haven't fixed it, so let's burn the house down"

There 3000+ open tickets, many of which do have patches. Because your pet ticket isn't patched yet does not mean that WP is wholly broken and everyone that is working on it is careless. It just means that "your world" is not "THE world." The biggest complainers are almost always the people who are NOT in IRC, do NOT attend dev chats, and do NOT submit patches. Thanks for the help, guys. Come be part of the solution and you will find that you can eradicate more problems along the way.

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