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Hey Faishal,

That are some valid points. Most of them are in my head but the problem with this all is a complete redo of the UI. It's something that will happen when there is time to do so.

Getting all translators of a language can be done or at least WordPress has something in place. Not sure what the code for that is.

User management is weird in the way you need to use a command line tool but to do only this is in my opinion is a GSoC by it's own.

Notifications was something I would like to see but because of other bugs didn't had the time to work it out. It would be an awesome addition.

Adding a default set of languages can be done from another project. No clue if it works like you want or if you having issues with it.

Google Translator API is a ticket for and will be worked on when other bugs will get fixed.

Mentioned really fast what I think it would be awesome if you can help out. At this moment it's a little bit only me with some contributions of others. Obviously people will look at the changesets for checking the code.


Op 25 apr. 2013, om 22:35 heeft Faishal Saiyed <saiyedfaishal at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> I am interning at rtCamp that uses GlotPress to manage translations of its
> projects here: http://rtcamp.com/translate/projects
> I have explored the code and the functionality. I've also been through
> BackPress.
> I agree with the improvements that have been proposed in the GSOC project.
> Additionally, the managers of the project often complain about the fact
> that they can't see a list of contributors (and the amount of
> contributions), so that they can credit the translators in releases.
> Right now, they have to sift through all translations to see if they are
> missing out on some contributors.
> In addition, user management and roles lack a UI and an understandable
> presentation.
> So, I feel there should be some sort of user management that shows a user's
> contributions to various projects. Conversely, each project should have a
> list of contributors ranked by the %age of translations.
> Also, to check the progress of translations and move translations from
> Waiting to accepted, one has to keep visiting the site, since notifications
> are absent.
> So, there should be some notification at every 10% (20%, or some other
> milestones) that should go to the admin and validators. Again setting these
> roles for users must have a better UI.
> Also, the process of adding new languages is very cumbersome. There should
> be a way to add a default set of languages when the project is created.
> The Google translate API 1.0 must be upgraded to 2.0 and the buttons
> shouldn't show up if a user hasn't purchased the key. I'm not sure whether
> the non-free nature of the API should be a deterrent. Firstly, the charges
> are ridiculously low and second, Google collects money to thwart abuse of
> the service rather than earning money from it.
> There are many other things. However, we can't do too many things right at
> the start. So, I'm looking to start improving this immensely useful project
> one step at a time as part of my GSOC project.
> Do let me know your thoughts on this.
> Thanks.
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