[wp-hackers] GSoC 2013 : Import/Export

Yicheng Zhao zhaoyic at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 15:50:01 UTC 2013

Hello, I'm preparing for the google summer of code and I am
interesting in the project named "Import/Export".

A short description of the project:
The existing importers/exporters use XML. This project would convert
these two plugins to use JSON for a leaner, less error-prone
import/export experience. Applicants should be familiar with the
import/export plugins and JSON.

Some related work:
I can find a plugin can export posts use JSON.
1.Exports and Reports, the most similar one I can find
this one can export the titles and authors use JSON.
2.Widget Settings Importer/Exporter
Allows you to export and import widgets settings.
and the plugins like "Options Manager","Premise Settings
Transporter","Genesis Extra Settings Transporter" also can export user
data partially, not as complete as the official one.

My plan:
1. Convert the official importer and exporter to use JSON.
2. Allow to export media elements. Allow user export images together
with posts and comments. The images will be saved as separated files.
All these will be packed together.
3. Allow to import JSON file, with local attachment. In wordpress
3.5.1 users can only import attachment by URLs.

Am I on the right way? Or I missed some related work.

Yicheng Zhao
School of Software,
Beijing Institute of Technology

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