[wp-hackers] Google Summer Code - Enhanced Emails Project

ramez debbas ramez.debbas at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 01:49:13 UTC 2013

Hello , I am student and I'm interested in the to work on the following

Enhanced Emails

WordPress sends out a bunch of email notifications for new users, comments,
password resets, and more. Right now they're all plain-text -- let's bring
them into the 21st century with well-designed HTML + CSS that brings
additional functionality into the notifications, makes them more readable,
and is optimized and tested across common web mail clients, desktop mail
clients, and phones including iPhone, Android mail, and Blackberry.

Here is what I am planning to do , please give me some feedback to get a
better understanding. Also, I wanted  to mention that* I'm looking for a
mentor* for this specific project.


Basically I am planning to have email templates that accepts parameters and
then this will be sent them to users. Email templates could be html  pages
with css. I was thinking of basically have a php of the template and then a
function that prints the new email with all the parameters added to it such
as name of the user, the new comments or if password resets. *Well I didn’t
do a full research , however in my previous internship I used a library
that actually allows me to embedded special characters in any email file I
want to send and then using that library it will replace those characters
with whatever value I pass.*


Ramez Debbas

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