[wp-hackers] gsoc

Luca Evgheni juk.eluca at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 18:36:44 UTC 2013

hi y'all,
I email you in relation with gsoc, If I missed the "door" - sorry, just
ignore this email. So, on irc wordpress-gsoc there aren't any movements at
all, some students try to ask smth but with no luck. I am interested in
"post by email" project. I have a couple of ideas about the implementation
and how it should work, for this I did a little research related to mailing
and also now I am learning as much as have the possibility about WP and
especially plugin development. I saw that Eric Mann is interested
in mentoring this idea, should I try to email him directly?

A little about me:
I'm 21, when gsoc will start I'll finish the third year at university, I
learn at IT specialty and about a half of courses are in English. I have an
experience of php for almost a year and about 20 - 40 hours a week. So I
use only php (of course with js, html, css) in my part time job. Also have
a little experience with WP, I worked with it for about a month developing
some custom functionality and a custom theme (both weren't meant to be
reusable), unfortunately I can't share a link because the site is a part of
a much bigger project and it won't be pubic in the nearest future.

The question is how big are my chances with the above set to work on "post
by email" or may be some other project?

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