[wp-hackers] Hacking with registering new users?

Elio Mondello eliomondello at mondosol.com
Wed Apr 17 08:32:43 UTC 2013

Hi everyone
I think I got attacked by some hacking because back couple of weeks I
receive almost hundreds of new registered users in my website

I found very strange that during a wend so many people have registered with
the same email domain: princeton-edu.com (which doesn't exist).

I am deleting all of them after I tried to contact some of them. What can a
registered user as a Subscriber can do to damage a WordPress site?

What can a WordPress Admin do to avoid bulk registration or prevent any
hacking to be happened?

I have installed the Back up plugin so I will make a Back up and I must say
FUCK the HACKER! The website is a NON profit organization that wants to
help poor young people in the world to study and get a better life.
Everyone should support and not attack but the someone is CRAP.


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