[wp-hackers] Ideas for GSoC

Brian Iván Martínez xangelux at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 20:17:51 UTC 2013

Hello, I'm interested in the GSoC and I'd like to be mentored by you guys.
I like some of the ideas in the GSoC over in wordpress site but I have some
ideas of my own too that I'd like to run by you before submiting my proyect

The first Idea is:

Sometimes you are writing something, but then you have to go, so you save
it as a draft; then you come back and continue your draft and post it. But
then you realize you wrote something you don't want everyone to see, so
your only option is copy the content and delete the post to write it
somewhere else. It would be really useful to have a big red/blue button to
publish your post or hide it if you don't want everybody to read it, maybe
you have a long post and you plan to post it in a specific date, so you
draft it but if you don't remember to post it then you may post it too
late, this post button may be programmed to warn you to post it or even
post it automatically via a Trigger or php.

Besides annother idea is create a social circle inside wordpress where you
can create a group for close friends who also public in your wordpress or
simply in wordpress.com. This is for the only pourpuse of leave post only
for users on a group. This groups are more important than the blogs you
follow, because you can get a really long feed from all the blogs you
follow and your friends posts get lost in the huge list that some times
becomes too long, didn't read (tl;dr). That adds some interesting features
to wordpress like  friends groups' feed on a list, friends on a group but
don't want their feed on the friends feed and a posibility to send a friend
a notification of a post if you know your friend will be interested with a
"tag" friend button instead of an email .

Well, it seems I pured some ideas in the last one, well, the next idea is
an implementation of the not public post. A lot of users use wordpress as a
content creation tool but sometimes they write a personal journal and don't
want to share all of it and it shouldn't be on the regular posts stream
because it about their personal life, how about a little journal inside
your admin panel. This journal would have tools to link to posts and have a
preview of the link and the ability to make a todo list. This tool would be
very good and useful to content creators that plan their posts or the ones
that are following the development of their site using a todo list to check
for things that they need, program post titles, program series of posts etc.

Apart from this I think the UUID for the users is very interesting as the
new user tour.

For the new UUID I would first add a column to the user apropriate table.
The new UUID would be made out of the username+timestamp from the epoch and
that string would be md5'ed. If you still want to keep working with
integers I would convert md5'ed string to it's equivalent integer value.
New users only have the new column value and 0 on the other to start
conversion. When the last user has been converted, the old id column would
be droped. Obviously before doing such a thing, a lot of precausions have
to be taken into acount as every function that has access to or need the
user id have to be "hacked" to verify the two numbers before each action is
taken. The resulting UUID of the users may conflict between on systems with
a large number of users as the new UUID can be the same as the old id of a
user on those systems. For that to be plausible there has to be extra steps
that migrate the users id to UUID in md5'ed strings only and then check the
result for converting the UUID to a integer equivalent if there is a user
with that id, if so, first convert that user to new UUID and delete the old
id. Do that check recursively so if that issue repets, firs check the user
down and so on. At the end of the "conversion" drop the extra column and
un-hack the functions that you previously hacked.

For the new user tour I think It would be better to have a meter but with
different levels, if you only want to create posts, a quick tour to show
you about creation of new posts, basic moderation, notifications, select a
theme, change password and where and how to read statistics. If you want a
more advanced tour click a button in each part of the admin tools telling
which does what and examples or tips to get a better experience.

I'm studying Computer Science Engeneering in México, Michoacán State and
have knolege on databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL mostly), networking
(Intermediate) and programming in C, C++(rusty in that), Java, PHP,
JavaScript (basic, JQuery), learning ruby/RoR.

If any of my ideas was interesting pleas let me know which to apply to the
GSoC with you guys, if not tel me if I can help with annother one of your

Thanks for your time.

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