[wp-hackers] Photo instant upload to Google+ / FaceBook / Dropbox for the WordPress mobile apps

dhritiman hazarika dhritimanh at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 05:45:54 UTC 2013


    My name is Dhritiman Hazarika and I am a bachelors student in the IT
discipline. I went through the ideas and found this above mentioned one
pretty interesting.

    Although i am new to the wordpress community, I have experience in FB
API (php/opengraph) so learning the Google + and dropbox api won't be a

   Among the mobile platforms i have experience in Android. I am going
through the docs and whatever i could lay my eyes on. I will go through the
wp android app code. Basically, i will try to incorporate the above feature
in the wp android client only.

   So, i would like some suggestions as to how i should go about working on
this idea.

Dhritiman Hazarika

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