[wp-hackers] GSоC 2013: Enhanced Emails

Boris Kuzmanov boriskuzmanov2 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 13:55:01 UTC 2013

Hi everyone!

I'm Boris and I'm studying at the Faculty of Computers Science and
Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia. Until now I have few plugins in the
 WordPress.org repository (http://profiles.wordpress.org/kuzmanov) and
currently I'm working on improving the one for Time.mk. Beside WordPress
development, I'm also one of the main people behind the Macedonian
WordPress Community and mk.wordpress.org.

For this year's Google Summer of Code, I would like to work on new fresh
design for email notifications for new users, comments, etc. and make them
more readable and optimized for every client or device they are opened.
 [Project: http://codex.wordpress.org/GSoC2013#Enhanced_Emails]

E-mail notifications are sent when:
1. WordPress Installation
2. Comments post on your blog
3. Comments held for moderation
4. Forgotten password
5. New user registration

I've already made some schemes for all of the mails that are sent and this
is just my primary idea, so changed can be expected.
* This mail only contains the design for the 'desktop' version, but there
will be also for computer tablets and smartphones, normally, with the same
or similar design. The size of the content shown on the images will not be
the same, since this is just a scheme. I'll be working with HTML(5) and

1) WordPress Installation
Here's my idea for the e-mail that users receive when they finish with the
installation. It's the standard content on the left side, and somewhere
(right side) in the e-mail I thought it will be good if they have some
quick links to the beginners stuff.


2) Comments post on your blog
I'm also looking to make some improvements in the mails that users receive
when someone posts a comment on their blog. And instead of the links for
approving, moving to trash or marking the comment as spam, I thought it
would be great if there is some visualization for that, as the buttons
shown on the picture below.


3) Comments held for moderation
This is similar as the previous, but here in the bottom we have text for
informing the administrator how many comments are waiting to be moderated.


4 & 5) Forgotten password & New user registration
Since in these e-mails we only have user information and 1-2 links, the
design will be without sidebars and the content will stay the same as now.
Maybe there can be added some information for the date and time when the
request was made.

I'm looking forward for some feedback.

Thank You,
Boris Kuzmanov

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