[wp-hackers] Gsoc 2013 Project Idea

Vishvesh Shah shah.vishvesh at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 09:27:19 UTC 2013

Greetings Wp-Hackers,

Myself Vishvesh Shah. I am currently pursuing Bachelors in
Information Technology Engineering from Charusat University, Gujarat, India.

I was going through project ideas of WordPress for Gsoc 2013. & found ideas
very interesting. Specially mobile app development.

There is one proposed idea  "Photo instant upload to Google+ / FaceBook /
Dropbox for the WordPress mobile apps", i am willing to do work on that

I am having some basic experience of developing windows phone application.
& can contribute to the organization by developing this feature.

*Why we need this feature in WordPress Mobile App?*

Nowadays many good applications come with this instant photo upload
feature. For example Like a user at some place sees beautiful scenery &
capture that in own smartphone. & by using some app he/she uploads
instantly on Facebook or Google+.

Current windows phone WordPress app is having good & basic features which
satisfy all requirements of a blogger. But if the user wants to publish
his\her photos at the same time on Facebook or Google+ or Dropbox ,there
isn't any feature.

*How this feature can help?*

When we are maintaining our personal "Dear Blog" , we won't need separate
application to just upload photos. We can have our photo with some write up
on our blog & at the same time on uploaded over our Facebook wall. Isn't
that interesting ?..:)

Yeah, it will be always the user's choice after all ,that he wants to
upload it or not..:)

So, I would like to know who is the mentor of this project, & if i am
missing any point give me guidance regarding that.
Awaiting for reply.

Thank you.
Vishvesh Shah

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