[wp-hackers] Post types and redundant taxonomy terms

Josh joshua.sibelman at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 23:34:59 UTC 2013

Hi all, hopefully my question makes sense. 

I have an implementation that is working for the problem it was meant to solve, but it's inelegant and seems kludgey, yet it's the best solution I could think of and I wanted to see if anyone else has a better suggestion.

We have a section of our site for Resources. In this case, it's a listing of terms belonging to a taxonomy named "resource-category". So we have terms like White Papers, Tech Guides, Instruction Manuals, Videos, and Webcasts. We are also using a plugin that allows us to add extra fields to the taxonomy terms, so that the listing can have icons and descriptions.

Now these are comprised of posts of a few different types. One CPT is simply called "resource" and consists of only a title field, description, and URL to a PDF. This is used for the White Papers, Tech Guides, and Instruction Manuals. Another CPT is called "video" and has some different fields, while the "webcast" CPT has yet another set of fields. 

All of these CPTs use the "resource-category" taxonomy. So, this works, but it seems redundant to add a post to the video CPT and then have to also add it to the Videos resource category - that said, I can't think of a better solution. 

Any suggestions?


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