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Vikram Doshi vikram_doshi at yahoo.co.in
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this is ,my first post in this grp, i just want to know, how we can convert the static website into WP?

plz give me ans step by step as i m new to WP.

thanks in advance.

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> Go to wp-admin/network/plugins.php Which is actually where you go for
> all plugin updates on a Multisite.
Thanks for the reply Mika, but it doesn't really address the issue. I have
a plugin that is active on 1 sub-site only and needs an update. Since it
isn't active on the primary site, the update notification doesn't appear in
my plugins page. In this specific case, I can just do an FTP update. No

I'm actually looking for a programmatic solution. I saw something about
creating a meta-plugin that goes into the MU folder or something to handle
this case where the core WordPress install doesn't run the update check
because it isn't actually running the plugin. To be clear, I wrote the
plugin in question above.

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