[wp-hackers] Checking for a duplicated post while using XML-RPC WordPress API

Alex Rayan alexrayan69 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 15:04:20 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to come up with the solution to check for a duplicated post
entry through XML-RPC WP API (
http://codex.wordpress.org/XML-RPC_WordPress_API/Posts#wp.newPost )

I use it to insert posts in the blog automatically while getting the
external content from the feeds or other databases. The problem is there
seem to be no easy or elegant way to check for a duplicated entry unless I
first get all the posts and check for a duplicated title / description /
meta key.

I was wondering if anyone came up with a more robust solution to do it.
The ideal way would be to have it handled by the database structure
checking for duplicated entries. It seems it was never an issue since
Wordpress is originally meant for manual entries of each post.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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