[wp-hackers] Object Oriented Plugin Feedback

Derek Pavao derek.pavao at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 01:42:37 UTC 2012

Thank you guys for the feed back so far.

I think I should clarify my question a little. I wasn't really asking if I
should be writing the plugin because of my lack of experience, I
acknowledge that I have a lot to learn about WordPress development that is
why I am e-mailing this list.

You saying I do not have enough experience to know what would be useful in
a plugin framework is absolutely true. I am just making assumptions about
what I do know about WordPress development combined with my knowledge of
other CMSs and application frameworks to make an educated guess about what
I think could be helpful. The reason I turn to this e-mail list is because
you guys are the ones that can validate or discredit my assumptions.

I was hoping to spark a conversation about weather the things I have
included in the plugin so far would be helpful.

Also, thanks for the list of the other plugin frameworks out there I will
go through them. I am interested to see if any of them had similar ideas as

On Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 8:48 PM, Chris McCoy <chris at lod.com> wrote:

> Just a side note a couple dead links under the settings framework.
> NHP options framework is also a good one ;)
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> Hello Derek,
> You're not writing a plugin; you're writing a plugin framework. Developing
> a
> framework just as you're getting familiar with WordPress development is not
> a good idea in general, since you don't really have enough experience to
> know which things are actually useful to have in a framework and which
> you'll seldom need.
> There are no WordPress principles against object-oriented programming or
> agains frameworks. Here's a bunch of them I know about:
> https://github.com/scribu/wp-scb-framework/wiki/Other-frameworks
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