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Sun Sep 16 00:40:55 UTC 2012


I would argue that any advanced development undertaking will only give you
that experience and help you get further. Derek isn't putting this on the
market or selling it so I'm not sure shutting things down makes sense
simply because of a lack of experience. The idea of a MVC plugin Framework
may not be appealing to web devs but may spark greater interest in WP
development from Computer Science Programmers.


On Saturday, September 15, 2012, scribu wrote:

> Hello Derek,
> You're not writing a plugin; you're writing a plugin framework. Developing
> a framework just as you're getting familiar with WordPress development is
> not a good idea in general, since you don't really have enough experience
> to know which things are actually useful to have in a framework and which
> you'll seldom need.
> There are no WordPress principles against object-oriented programming or
> agains frameworks. Here's a bunch of them I know about:
> https://github.com/scribu/wp-scb-framework/wiki/Other-frameworks
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