[wp-hackers] Object Oriented Plugin Feedback

Derek Pavao derek.pavao at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 21:05:26 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I am new to WordPress development and would like to get some feedback from
the development community on my first plugin before I continue to work on

The plugin is called WP_OOPlugin, I am still trying to think of a more
appropriate name, it can be found on GitHub here
https://github.com/dotDeeka/WP_OOPlugin .

Basically my idea was to provide a way to make it easier for plugin authors
to write their plugins. You would install WP_OOPlugin and if you follow
it's convention and extend its classes when defining your own plugin
classes then WP_OOPlugin's classes will handle some stuff for you while
allowing you to override it's default functionality if necessary. More
detail can be found in the readme in the GitHub repository (The readme file
has a lot more info than is here, but is still a work in progress).

I'd like to get any feedback or opinion on this you guys might have. I
don't want to waste time working on this if there is some reason why the
community wouldn't like it or it would go against any WordPress specific

Like I said I'm new to WordPress and this is my first time e-mailing
wp-hackers so please be gentle if my ideas are way off the mark.


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