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For me I use GIT, mainly for easy branching. I then push my local GIT repo
to a hosted one with beanstalk and I have a great setup when I push my
Staging branch to beanstalk i use a webhook which gets the details then
that script  with use rackspace cloud APIs to spin up a cloud server, and
then configure beanstalk to deploy to the newly setup server. When I push
to production a webhook with delete my staging server with rackspace then
use beanstalk to deploy the code to my production server,

Sure its a bit complex but you can use a more simplified deployment with
beanstalk fairly easily. I just use webhooks to provision and delete my
staging server to save money. But i suppose if you have a local machine you
can use for staging or something you could just as easily skip the step.

On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 10:46 AM, Eric Andrew Lewis <
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> Hey everyone,
> I'm going to be doing a presentation at WordCamp Philly in a month on
> development application workflow - I'll be running through applications and
> featuresets and live demos. I'm not sure exactly how much I'm going to get
> to cover within the time limit, but the topics will include code
> editors/IDEs, version control, FTP, and some command line.
> Please reply with a rant about your application workflow and why it rules,
> whether directly to me or to this email. I'm probably not going to have a
> chance to review everyone's input immediately but would love as much as
> possible.
> Thanks in advance!
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