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I think this is a great example of where the 1 to 1 relationship of WP > User is not as flexible for today's market as it could be.The binary segmentation of Logged in / Logged out works for blogs, but as soon as you move away from that you start to hit issues.bbPress and buddyPress are great examples.

Just my two cents.

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> On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 5:51 AM, Filippo Pisano <filippo.pisano at gmail.com>wrote:
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> > is there a way to filter all posts written by users with specific roles
> > (editors, authors etc)?
> >
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> There is no WP_Query parameter that will do what you want, so your only
> option is probably to use the posts_from and posts_where filters to add in
> custom SQL.
> Users' roles are stored in the wp_usermeta table of the database as a
> serialzed array of all their roles and/or individual capabilities. This
> means you will almost definitely NOT want to access them directly. Instead
> I propose that what you'd want to do is generate an array with all users in
> a given role, then in the posts_where filter add a clause that fetches
> posts from any of the authors from that array.
> Not a simple solution but your problem is fairly unique. User roles are
> intended for use in controlling access permissions rather than for marking
> content sections of your site (though your issue points out how such a
> 'content groups' need often comes up).
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