[wp-hackers] Importing data programmatically

Tom Barrett tcbarrett at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 14:29:20 UTC 2012

I don't really want to drop and restore the whole database. And I'd prefer
to do it from inside WordPress rather than 'escaping out' to shell (whether
via PHP, cron, CLI).

WordPress already has an XML export/import process that takes care of issue
of database table prefixes, taxonomy and post relationships. I can create
an XML dump of a set of data ('my albums') and import that into whatever
installations wherever I like, without destroying current data. I'm just
forced to do it by file upload.

I was hoping that I could (for example)
a) Place that XML file in a plugin and import it at the press of a button
b) Skip the confirmation step with pre-made decisions (e.g. always set
author to admin)

Am I being too whacky?

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