[wp-hackers] wordpress widget api extension

kuldeep dhaka kuldeepdhaka9 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 13:29:39 UTC 2012

this is my first mail. :)
i have extended the wordpress widget api.
summary of API extension:*
when we create new sidebar widgets, we have to decide the values we have to
save in database to act upon while showing the widget at frontend.
but at designing, coding and taking input at backend is very fuzzy because
the update function is hard to use with the form function.

i have modified the update & form function so programmer just only define
the definition of the inputs taken. and rest the routine library do it work.

as widget backend form didn't supported multi direction array, i also
modified the name and id generator functions. to make them support.

if a programmer dont want to use the routine library he can write his own
function thereby maintaining backward compatibility with previous widgets.
if no definition is provided its show usual behaviors as before.

i made the update in the ABSPATH/wordpress-inlude/widgets.php , file is

example plugin( twitterX ) is also attached[ this is the plugin which at
last made me think how to write such a routine , earlier i got the idea].

*i have written the code for better readability , so efficiency could be at
i have mentioned my name at places where i made the updates, to help better

*Kuldeep Singh Dhaka*
*SaKul* Web Developer
kuldeepdhaka9 at gmail.com
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Student, Blogger, Reverse Engineer, Embedded System.

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