[wp-hackers] Wordpress SSO

Martin Lazarov martin at lazarov.bg
Wed Nov 28 23:52:03 UTC 2012

Do you have completely same users tables? If you don't you will need
new db table which will hold connection between users.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 1:39 AM, Malte Witt <m.witt at ia-sh.de> wrote:
> Hey at all,
> I have the following situation: There are two different wordpress installs,
> different domains, different databases, different servers and I want to
> establish an SSO mechanism between those two.
> All plugins I found so far that match "sso" are in fact doing shared
> authentification and no 'real' sso at all, but I want to login to wordpress
> A and then surf to wordpress B and still be logged in (or be automatically
> logged in to wordpress B in that second).
> The only chance I can think of to get the session cookie from wordpress A is
> to redirect to wordpress A, check the cookie and then redirect back to
> wordpress B (including some handshake to safely pass the information if the
> user is logged in), but because I don't know if there even is a session I
> would have to do this on every pageload of wordpress B (so this can't be a
> real solution ...). Alternatively I could do some crazy AJAX/CORS stuff on
> every pageload of wordpress B to get the session information from wordpress
> A and then refresh the page if needed ...
> I hoped somebody already thought about all this stuff because I don't have a
> clue in the moment. So I would be really glad if someone could share his
> thoughts about this topic (maybe this is impossible at all and that's the
> reason there is no plugin or howto available?) ...
> Regards,
> Malte
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