[wp-hackers] Accessing Update Check API Outside of WordPress

David Anderson david at wordshell.net
Mon Nov 19 12:24:54 UTC 2012

> If you use the/info/  endpoint for a single plugin, you'll end up with the
> current version. The update-check endpoints are designed for checking a
> bunch of plugins en masse, and for when you may not know the actual slug of
> the plugin. (It does some fairly complex matching using pretty much every
> plugin header to make sure it finds the right plugin.)
> Example:http://api.wordpress.org/plugins/info/1.0/debug-bar.json. Other
> accepted formats include .xml and .php.

Do you think there's any possibility that .ini could be provided? PHP serialized, JSON and XML are all nasty to try to process from shell, which is what I'm doing. (I chose shell because of its portability across the POSIX world). Presently I have a dependency on PHP, and some hacky fall-backs if it's not available, which works for all my customers so far, but it could be much improved. I realise that there are external tools I could call out to to do the processing, but that loses the portability. I'd like something I can process reasonably elegantly from Bash.


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