[wp-hackers] tags with alias power

Haluk Karamete halukkaramete at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 17:37:23 UTC 2012

Is there such a feature in WordPress, that you have one tag which is
the alias for another?


Muhammad Ali and Cassius Clay is the same thing. I have two separate
tags for each. And I tag my article with Muhammad Ali only while my
colleague tags another article that talks about Muhammad Ali as
Cassius Clay. And I want my users to be able to click on either term
"Cassius Clay" or "Muhammad Ali" and end up on the same URL. Now,
where does this handy? When I display my tag cloud alphabetically,
wouldn't it be nice whether you go to C's or M's you can spot the
topic either way. So, when you go to C's, and click on "Cassius Clay"
in there, you end up on the same url's as those who scans the M tags
and click on "Muhammad Ali".

I guess the functionality I need here is the same as that is found in
the back of many books. You go look up a word at the index, and you
read something like "see XYZ" redirecting you to look up the item
titled "XYZ", eventually getting you to the correct page.

If WordPress does not have a solution for this, my back up plan is to
analyze the terms using the Google trend tool and pick the one which
has the better volume and go with that as the first term and post fix
the other term into parenthesis, i.e, "Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)".

This unfortunately won't help those users who seek the topic under the
wrong alphabetical heading.

I'd like to hear your opinions on this.


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