[wp-hackers] Facebook API and WordPress Plugin Development - Insight / Best Practice

Jeffrey Nolte jnolte at getmoxied.net
Wed Nov 14 20:54:10 UTC 2012


We are currently developing a plugin which pulls events from the Facebook API and will display them on the front-end of the site with a shortcode based on some parameters set on the plugins option page.   We are pulling in the data but it takes some time ( 5-10+  seconds depending on how many events, connection, etc). 

I wanted to try to get some insight on how / where we should store this info for the plugin.

I was thinking of the following options:

Store JSON string with all events in options table and have user initiate pull of data in admin on plugin options page -> then:
User initiated pull / update of events via plugin options page.
Update via cron on set interval based on plugin settings (we will be using transients for this option).

We are open to other input / options for this.

Thank you in advance,

Jeffrey Nolte
Moxie Media Group, Inc.
594 Broadway #305
New York, NY 10012
Office: (646) 820-8540

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