[wp-hackers] Two URLs - One WP Install? (And the silly way WordPress stores full URLs in the database)

Robert Lusby nanogwp at gmail.com
Thu May 17 10:05:27 UTC 2012


We're setting up a mobile version of a website we run. We decided to do 
this by creating a mobile specific template.

However we'd quite like to switch the URL to a mobile version of the site:

-> normal visitor reaches the site, and stays at http://www.example.com
-> mobile visitor reaches the site, and gets redirected to 

Behind the scenes, the only difference between the two is the template 
picked. It's the same blog + DB.

I get how to do the template switching etc ... but how do I get 
WordPress to answer on http://m.example.com and stop redirecting all 
requests back to the www....?

Also, I now have to do a find and replace on ALL the urls in the 
database everytime the mobile site is loaded, for that site, to map to 
http://m.example.com ... Why does WordPress do this! Why not just keep 
the content as content! And let us decide what wrappers we want to put 
around it!


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