[wp-hackers] How to check if a plugin has been removed from wordpress and why

Yanislav Iliev yani.iliev at cspath.com
Wed May 16 17:14:28 UTC 2012

Today, I found that my plugin page on wordpress.org is not working - "We couldn't find that plugin."
I think my plugin may have been removed from WordPress but I am not sure.
I can see the plugin when I login with my username (that's the administrator account for the plugin) but all contributors cannot see the plugin.
The email I used when I registered on wordpress has been deactivated and I had to reactivate it this morning so if any message has been sent to that email it 
has probably bounced back :/
Who can I contact to find out if my plugin has been removed from wordpress and how can I find out the reason that my plugin has been removed.
I've always tried to follow the plugin guidelines as listed on wordpress.org
I am sorry if this is not the correct mail list to send this question to, if so please point me to the right place.

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