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Mike Little wordpress at zed1.com
Wed May 9 15:08:26 UTC 2012

On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 3:29 PM, Mika A Epstein <ipstenu at ipstenu.org> wrote:

> Really that's not THAT hard. Just run a check on email address at
> registration. if NOT foo at myschool.edu ...
> I want to say I've seen a plugin for that. As for the one-ring email
> issues, you may be better off just making accounts for them. But that's a
> YMMV edge case :/ Study WP and create your workflow for what it is, rather
> than trying to force WP to fit the workflow you have. :) Sometimes you have
> to be more adaptable than your tool.
WordPress normally refuses to create a user with a duplicate email (it's
not directly filterable -- I ended up defining WP_IMPORTING to hack around
the problem). And we needed some users to have valid emails, so we wanted
to keep the existing validation in place, just add to it to say 'empty is
ok', 'duplicate is ok' (for the right type of user). Plus it wasn't one
particular school it was *any* school.

The project started in the 2.9 era too, where there were less hooks to do
what we wanted. On top of that it's multisite, which adds it's own hoops to
jump through, like not creating users at all on registration, and expecting
to validate/activate via an email -- oops! not everyone has an email.

Note: I have successfully overcome all these problems, but some things were
harder than others.

Also we are running at 20,000+ users so creating by hand was not an option.

And finally, I *have* studied WordPress -- for slightly longer than anyone
but Matt :-)

Mike Little

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