[wp-hackers] WordPress changes for responsive designs

Joshua Sibelman joshua.sibelman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 01:16:05 UTC 2012

I'm almost certain this isn't the right place to direct this, but figured it'd be a start.

I've started building responsive sites, since that seems to be the most reasonable means of accommodating the ever-increasing range of devices and screen sizes.

Wordpress seems to have a fair amount of functionality built-in that really makes this difficult. The most recent example I can think of is the way that images are inserted into the post body by the media uploader. 

Let's say that you're using Ethan Marcotte's method for resizing images to scale with the screen dimensions via percentage measurements. Wordpress, when inserting an image uploaded via the Media Uploader, hard codes an inline width value as part of the image tag. If you add a caption, it includes this in the caption shortcode, which means it takes precedence over any CSS rules.

So my questions here are:

1) Does anyone know if WP has any plans to move towards greater support for responsive designs? (i.e. altering media uploader code to not hard-code widths, for example, instead relying on CSS rules to do this)

2) Has anyone else used WP to build a responsive site? If so, how did you handle things like this? I know I can manually put in the proper code, but in using WP as a CMS non-technical users need to be able to add things without them breaking.

3) I'm not averse to solving this by writing a plugin, are there hooks available for the media uploader's code insertion?

Thanks for any help you can give.


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