[wp-hackers] Where to insert mobile redirect code?

Mike Schleif wordpress at helices.org
Tue Mar 27 22:01:15 UTC 2012


I have this simple PHP code:|

require_once "/_PATH_/_DOMAIN_/class.mobile.php";
$mobile = new MobileWebarto("http://m._DOMAIN_");

Obviously, _PATH_ and _DOMAIN_ are placeholders.

class.mobile.php identifies whether or not the visitor is a mobile device.

On most sites, inserting this code at line #1 of header.php behaves 
exactly as I want and expect.

However, some sites do NOT behave as desired.

In reality, I want this code to execute PRIOR to any theme code.

Furthermore, I don't want WordPress updates to remove the call to this code.

It seems that this code could be inserted into index.php - BUT ...

HOW can this be done WITHOUT future WP updates removing my code?

Please, advise. Thank you.

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