[wp-hackers] Force a new ABSPATH when moving WordPress?

onlyunusedname onlyunusedname at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 19:04:38 UTC 2012

I have a quick question that may be more PHP than WordPress.

Whenever I move a small WordPress site database inclusive (and by move, I
mean change its path and URI), I usually just change all the references to
the domain in the database with a search and replace.

This seems to work for my needs, but the problem I run into every time is
that wp-config.php retains the old ABSPATH constant.  So the site won't
load at all at first.  My solution to this has always been to restart
Apache.  After I do that wp-config.php will re-define ABSPATH correctly and
everything works fine

Is there a way I can force this to occur without restarting my server?

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