[wp-hackers] Multiple versions of same install independently running on same server

Andrew Spratley aspratley at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 16:55:22 UTC 2012

I believe plugins also store serialised arrays
when they store options, it makes it easy and generic to dump an array
and get it back in one piece. Plus you can never guarantee what and
how a plugin is storing data so always best to er on the side of

I didn't quite understand what the original question was asking.
Multiple WP sites can easily be run on the same server. You just need
to set them up as separate vhosts/sites under your webserver, create a
new directory for the WP files and user data and make a new database.

If you've installed apache et al via apt-get you'll probably need to
alter your apache config (/etc/apache2 ) to enable vhosts and point
them to the correct directory.

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 4:58 PM, Kokarn <kokarn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the good and informative answers.
> Have seen those threads as well and i've also seen the interconnect IT
> thing ported to be used for moving the wp db's to/from staging/production
> but the script should work the same for two production sites. (
> https://github.com/Ascerta/Wordpress-DB-clone )
> Is the widget settings the only place where settings are saved like that?
> If yes, then why?
> The rest of wp seems to work perfectly fine without that sort of storing so
> that could be something one could look into fixing in core to make it more
> portable.
> On 12 March 2012 15:27, Bill Dennen <dennen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > I can't imagine a case why it shouldn't work, I guess. Maybe a lack of
>> > imagination, but an array or object serialized into a string stays a
>> > string, so there shouldn't be a problem a regex can't handle (if this
>> > could be said about *life* to...)
>> Regular search/replace on an export from mysql will break serialized
>> data. I've seen this mostly with widget settings. That is, you export
>> the site data in mysql, do a search replace, reimport the data into
>> mysql and… your widget settings are messed up.
>> Serialized data does store the info as a string, but if also indicates
>> the length of the various pieces of data. So, if your hostname changes
>> and, most importantly, if the length of the hostname changes, any
>> serialized data that incorporates the hostname would be corrupted with
>> a simple search and replace.
>> As mentioned in another thread, this tool works well, even with serialized
>> data:
>> http://interconnectit.com/124/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases
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