[wp-hackers] Why hard-code the base URL (and directory)?

Damian Jakusz-Gostomski damian.gostomski at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 12 10:05:03 UTC 2012

In my experience, a simple search and replace will often break parts of the
site, when the URL is within serialized data, and the length of the URL

To get around this, I recommend the search and replace tool from

On 12 March 2012 10:00, Braydon <ronin at braydon.com> wrote:

> Hydrostarr,
> To migrate a site from one domain to another, the best way is to search
> and replace the domain and take care of it all at once, a script could
> easily automate this process:
> mysqldump -u youruser -p yourdatabase > database-2012-3-12.sql
> sed -i 's/olddomain\.com/newdomain\.**com/g' database-2012-3-12.sql
> mysql -u youruser -p yourdatabase < database-2012-3-12.sql
> -Braydon
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