[wp-hackers] canonical not enforced

Kevin Newman CaptainN at unFocus.com
Fri Mar 2 16:42:14 UTC 2012

But the strange thing is that it does handle that for another situation.

http://unfocus.com/?p=4116 does redirect to the permalink (and to 
www.unfocus.com, which is the canonical).

Even the not shortened url will redirect if the domain is not canonical:

It just doesn't redirect from unfoc.us based urls.

Anyway, we'll probably hack it somewhere to do the redirect.



On 3/2/12 11:24 AM, Nathaniel Taintor wrote:
> "Canonical" links are a different thing from url redirection, and they're
> not meant to be used for that. The purpose of the canonical links is to
> inform search engine who find the pagehttp://unfoc.us/?p=4116  that it
> should be indexed ashttp://unfocus.com/?p=4116  , and that the two URLs
> refer to the same content.
> WordPress's permalinks are based off of the "Site URL" option which is set
> in "Settings>  General", and since you have that option set to
> http://unfocus.com/,<http://unfocus.com/?p=4116>  you can see that even if
> you browse to the site through the unfoc.us domain, any of the links on the
> site will resolve to unfocus.com links.
> If you want visitors reaching the site through unfoc.us to automatically be
> redirected to the corresponding url under unfocus.com, you will have to add
> this as a rule in your .htaccess - its not something WordPress handles by
> default.
> Hope this helps,
> Nathaniel Taintor

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