[wp-hackers] Hierarchical Menu Management Plugin?

Mike Walsh mpwalsh8 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 19:27:47 UTC 2012

I am struggling with a site which has lots of pages, most of which will end
up on menus.  The large volume of pages make the standard WordPress menu
management GUI cumbersome.  I need to be able to move entire hierarchical
menus around in their entirety.  I've searched but haven't been successful
- my search results are overwhelmed with information about how to create a
hierarchical menu in WordPress.

I am envisioning a standard tree view that expands and closes kind of like
these jQuery examples:


In addition to expanding and contracting the hierarchy, I'd want to be able
to drag and drop any element to another location.  I really don't want to
go reinvent the wheel, I would have thought this problem would have already
been solved but was unable to find anything similar.

Suggestions?  How do people manage large menu structures?


Mike Walsh - mpwalsh8 at gmail.com

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