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Judging from the discussions back & forth I read on this list I'm not as hardcore a programmer as most of the rest of you, so I approach my dev process from a different level of expertise. I guess that's a polite way of saying that I'm pretty sure the majority of people on this list are smarter than me & better programmers / coders than me, but believe me when I say I find this list exceptionally helpful and informative, and an absolutely invaluable tool in my development process.

I don't like working locally, that's just a personal preference I'm sure but for me working locally just doesn't work. I like to be able to show clients / coworkers projects in process at any point during the dev process.

That being said, I wrote a blog post a while ago on my MAMP setup & dev process, for those of you who'd like to read it it's here: http://www.fatheaddesign.com/352/build-your-own-mac-dev-server-for-under-100/

This is a bit out of date now, since 10.6 I now use Screen Sharing when necessary and use SSH a lot more. Eventually I'm going to figure out how to use / build my own subversion server but that's a pie in the sky goal at this point, so for the time being I'm trying to make the transition to using Beanstalk for collaboration. 

For code editing I'm sold on Sublime Text now (just not very happy with Coda any longer since v2 came out), and for CSS there's nothing better than CSSEdit.

Thanks for sharing, everyone!


On Jul 18, 2012, at 10:22 AM, // ravi wrote:

> I use the built-in Apache/PHP setup in OS X, and a Mac installation packaged by MySQL for the database. I use MacVim for editing code. The real tricky part was to set up a way to test the WordPress running on my system, including from a Windows VM. The problem is that WordPress, IIRC, [re]writes/generates URLs with the hostname configured in the Settings. In my case, this means that, among other things, if I let the installation to default to ‘localhost’ or an IP address, I cannot reach it from a VM or if the IP address changes etc. My hack to overcome this problem was to define a wp.example.com in my Mac’s /etc/hosts that points to localhost/ and a wp.example.com in the LMHOSTS on the Windows VM that points to the Mac’s IP address on the VM/NAT side. I then configured WP to use the name wp.example.com as the site address, and that works, with suitable adjustments to proxies, etc. I haven’t come across a cleaner solution to this problem, but I suspect there may be one that involves better WP configuration.
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