[wp-hackers] What would strip $_POST before 'init' runs?

Mike Walsh mpwalsh8 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 17:51:30 UTC 2012

I am resurecting this thread as I never resolved it and now have run into
what appears to be the same problem with another user.

On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 1:25 PM, Gavin Pearce <Gavin.Pearce at 3seven9.com>wrote:

> In Firefox you can use the Net tab in Firebug to view page requests.
> (Live HTTP headers will provide some more detail also. Chrome's
> developer toolbar has a similar 'Network' feature.)
> If it is redirecting, you should see your original POST to the server,
> the server responding with a 302/301, and then your browser making a
> request to another page. Remember to press the Persist button (next to
> Clear), otherwise it's going to reset the tab when the redirect happens.
> Looking at where it's redirecting you to/from might give you a clue -
> but either way, yes, run through your plugins one by one to narrow it
> down. If a redirect is happening that's why your POST data is clearing,
> though could also be a plugin simply unsetting $_POST ...
> G
I have been poking at the two sites which are showing this behavior of
stripping the post information and I have found that the URL is served for
a GET request but is not served for a POST request.  What was happening (in
both cases) is a 403 response is issued on the POST request but the page
referenced by the 403 header information (/403.shtml) doesn't exist so
WordPress ends up rendering the original URL again (although I don't
understand how that part happens).

I have posted a screen shot of the headers using the Firebug Net tab:


Can anyone think of configuration (I am assuming it is at the Apache level)
that would cause this?  On the one server I have the ability to change the
.htaccess file I tried adding "Options +FollowSymLinks" based on one post I
found on the WordPress support forum but it resulted in a 500 error so it
doesn't appear that server allows setting it in the .htaccess file.

Any idea of what I might look at next?

Mike Walsh - mpwalsh8 at gmail.com

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