[wp-hackers] Custom widget layout on a per-page basis

Rodolfo Buaiz brasofilo at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 15:01:36 UTC 2012

Hi Aaron, I recently stumbled upon this that may be of interest:

AdvancedCustomFields alone or with premium add-ons or in conjuction with
another plugin (e.g.: BucketsWidgets) could be of help in the scenario that
you describe.


On Sunday, July 15, 2012, wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've only been a member of the mailing list for about a week, so I
> apologize
> if I'm breaking any rules of etiquette or if this is off-topic. Lots of
> interesting reads going through here. I'm working on a project that poses
> an
> interesting design challenge and wanted to bounce it off some fellow
> hackers
> to see if anyone might come up with a better approach than I have.
> We are building a multi-page site of about 100 pages where each page has a
> modular design. So there might be 8 pages under category one, and each page
> is comprised of a number of modules in a simple two-column layout. The
> pages
> in category two use the same modules, but they might be arranged
> differently, there might be 9 or 10 pages instead of 8, etc.
> This type of scenario seems well-adapted to the widget functionality in
> Wordpress where we can define a reusable chunk of UI that can be placed
> anywhere within a "sidebar" region. I can define a custom post type, and
> upon the creation of a new page, use register_sidebars() to create the
> layout regions for that page. We can then drag and drop our widgets into
> each region as we please.
> The problem with this is that with a 100+ page site, the "sidebars" we
> register will number in the hundreds. So my questions are
> 1)      Are there any performance or scalability concerns we should be
> aware
> of on a site with hundreds of widget-containing "sidebars?"
> 2)      The UI at wp-admin/widgets.php is not up to the task of handling
> hundreds of sidebars - any thoughts here about a good approach to creating
> a
> better UI, could we re-use or subclass any part of that code, what would be
> the best way to go about this? Is anyone familiar enough with that code to
> estimate how hard it would be to include it in a metabox for our post
> editor?
> 3)      Perhaps there is a simpler or superior technique for enabling
> modular per-page layouts that I haven't thought of?
> In general, I'm just looking for ideas and thoughts around the best way to
> do this. Thanks!
> Aaron
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