[wp-hackers] WordPress moving to PHP 5.3x?

John Blackbourn johnbillion+wp at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 17:31:44 UTC 2012

On 13 July 2012 18:19, Chason Chaffin <chason at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well just because everyone else is using an outdated piece of software does
> that mean you should too? Lots of people are still using old versions of
> timthumb.php, but that doesn't seem like a reason to follow their example.
> I don't see any reason for any NEW installation of WordPress to be using
> 5.2. I'm not saying that 5.3 should be mandatory (although I don't think
> its the worst idea from a security stand point), but if you're starting up
> a new site and trying to figure out whether or not to use PHP 5.2 or 5.3 I
> think the decision is easy.

The OP isn't asking which version of PHP he should use. He's asking
which is the minimum version he should require for his plugin.
Unfortunately,  PHP 5.2 has such a high distribution (currently 75% of
all WordPress sites) that requiring 5.3 may mean many users can't use
his plugin.

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